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Our years in the industry have taught us that you don’t need to go to Italy with a blank chequebook to secure great materials. Even when money is no object, we still prefer to go an extra mile or two in search of something unusual. Materials selection can become lazy and predictable, but at Blaum, we aim for the opposite. Rather than relying on what's trending, we prefer to explore unusual and variant materials. Unknown & exotic materials can add a layer of depth that provides endless intrigue for the observer whilst enriching the overall aesthetic of the home.

As our production and storage facilities are in Portugal, we offer exclusive Portuguese marble to our clients first. Portuguese quarries are notoriously inconsistent and materials are often unsuitable for high-end applications, however within that inconsistency lies certain sweet spots, where the marble is clear and consistent, It is these batches that we have on reserve. One of the most attractive aspects of the Portuguese material is that it comes in at a fraction of the cost of similar European materials.

Brazil is another exciting market for natural stone and one that interests us greatly. We have many years of experience on the ground which has enabled us to develop relationships with suppliers of exclusive marbles and Quartzites. Brazil is also a fantastic destination for our clients to combine material selection with some world-class hospitality. Think unspoiled beaches, protected natural habitats and unique culinary experiences. Our team are on hand to facilitate a secure, memorable experience that will enhance the story behind your installation.

All Brazilian materials are sourced and shipped to our facility in Portugal where they are prepared for fabrication before distribution to site. 

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Global artisan access



We simply love handmade ceramics. We have access to two artisan workshops, one in Portugal and the other in Italy, who create beautifully unique products with sustainability in mind. When it comes to larger format materials we employ the services of the Spanish company Neolith who provide ceramics in slab form.

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Our relationships with World-leading brands and designers ensures that we are always aware of the best products available. Semi bespoke products are also available upon request in materials such as gold, platinum and semi-precious stones.



When off the shelf simply won't do, we have access to three separate artisan workshops who are capable of producing the finest furniture.

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